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Re: Working Firewire in FC2?

Bruce P. Morin wrote:


I completely understand that the project is backed by RedHat and is
community driven. Debian is also community driven and they have three paths,
stable, testing and sid. With each of them, I have gotten most if not all
common hardware to work without much effort, depending on the path.

What I am saying here is that Firewire is not uncommon minority hardware,
and for a stable release of anything not to support it is poor. How long has
it been available??

You really should search the net... A simple search on google pointed a archive of LKM showing this issue (http://www.uwsg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0403.2/0058.html) . If you searched a bit deeper , you would find messages on fedora-devel-list and/or fedora-test-list (dont remmember exactly which one) saying that firewire was disabled because it wasnt functional and simply insmodding it caused the system to hang. On the same thread , someone said that as soon as the upstream code worked again , then they would enable it again in Fedora. This is the effect of the new policy of keeping in sync with upstream sources.. If you think fedora is doing the wrong thing , ok , go ahead and use suse or debian if they work for you... I'm not a developer , but I understand the choices made by the developers and support them. I know the pain of having to keep some software working perfectly and I can imagine the pain it is to keep track of something as big as the kernel when you have millions of extra patches....

As for working for 0 dollars well, I guess if you want something that works
out of the box, then Microsoft is the way to go. The old saying goes "You
get what you pay for." Hopefully Microsoft doesn't follow this list,
comments like that regarding the kernel, or better yet, "Sadly the code
isn't as great." By David Jones, is fodder for the Microsoft propaganda

Another Love it or leave it attitude:

"If Fedora doesn't fit your needs, then use another distribution"

Critical comments, product comparisons, etc, help build better software.
Unfortunately after looking at the amount of flames I received as well as
the many others who bring forth Fedora's shortcomings only to receive such
remarks really demonstrate why most users will NEVER have Linux on their

Sometimes comparisons should be carefull, specially in linux world , where love is a very strong feeling.. In one of your messages , you say "RedHat has really never taken Firewire seriously as it has always been a struggle to get it working, and that's a shame as it is great technology." . Ok , if it never worked , where are the bug reports? If you really bothered to have it working, you could had filled bug reports so the developers could be made aware of the problems (you know , they dont know all the bugs that exist in the software they mantain.. if they knew, there would be no bugs , as all of them would be fixed)
Now , try to do this same kind of comparison with Suse or Debian users.. you'll be flamed to death (more flamed than you've been here..) . I gave up on counting the number of times I've been flamed about stupid beliefs of debian and suse users (like "redhat dont have ipv6 support" ... and the idiot who said that is a suse user and also happened to be my boss.. no wonder why I quit my job..)

Pedro Macedo

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