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Re: Working Firewire in FC2?

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:

Sometimes comparisons should be carefull, specially in linux world , where love is a very strong feeling.. In one of your messages , you say "RedHat has really never taken Firewire seriously as it has always been a struggle to get it working, and that's a shame as it is great technology." . Ok , if it never worked , where are the bug reports? If you really bothered to have it working, you could had filled bug reports so the developers could be made aware of the problems (you know , they dont know all the bugs that exist in the software they mantain.. if they knew, there would be no bugs , as all of them would be fixed)
Now , try to do this same kind of comparison with Suse or Debian users.. you'll be flamed to death (more flamed than you've been here..) . I gave up on counting the number of times I've been flamed about stupid beliefs of debian and suse users (like "redhat dont have ipv6 support" ... and the idiot who said that is a suse user and also happened to be my boss.. no wonder why I quit my job..)

Ok , this last sentence was unfinished (I was holding ctrl when I pressed enter to create a new paragraph and the message was sent)... Please , when reading , add a paragraph after "feeling.."

Pedro Macedo

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