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Re: final release

Damian Menscher said:
> On Sat, 15 May 2004, William Hooper wrote:
>> Eugen Leitl said:
>> > This isn't applicable for torrents and freecache. There's no point not
>> to
>> > open those once you have a master, and an initial seed community.
>> Which would lead to a firehose of "I can't use bittorrent, why isn't it
>> on
>> the mirrors" posts.
>> Is it really so terrible to wait a couple of days?
> Yes, it really is.  Here the school semester just ended, and students
> are away for a few days.  It's the perfect time to upgrade, and I'd been
> planning it for this time ever since the 5/3 release was predicted.  In
> another few days the users will be back.

Which means we should go back to the days of not pre-announcing release
dates.  Releases always slip and there will always be people disappointed.

> Isn't the entire point of a torrent that it goes fast for everyone, and
> faster if more people use it?  Wouldn't the mirrors get it faster that
> way?  Though personally I have to wonder why mirrors still exist.  Those
> who use them *should* be penalized.  Some random analogies: carpool lane
> on the highway (2+ people in your car, you can go faster), automatic
> lanes at toll booth (you pay faster, you can get through faster), ATM
> machine (you don't need hand-holding, you get more convenient service).

If there were a brick wall between you and the carpool lane, toll both, or
ATM then you might have an accurate analogy.  Not everyone can use
bittorrent so it makes more sense to have everything released at once
instead of creating a class of "haves" and "have nots".  Fedora is about
community, remember?

William Hooper

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