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Re: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor

jim tate wrote:
Why is it, that Redhat so dislikes KDE? the number one
choice of linux users.

I've used GNOME since RHL 5.2. KDE was added later. I used KDE first when Mandrake was an RHL 5.2 distro with KDE added. I played around with KDE for awhile, then switched back to RHL.

I don't know what survey the above statement is based upon. Redhat added KDE as a choice. GNOME and other desktops were before KDE.

I rarely use KDE, but install it as a failsafe and for different choices. I don't dislike KDE. I just feel more comfortable with GNOME.

Having an option to choose one or the other is my preferred option. I can understand if streamlining products to less choice is a corporate strategy. They might have a better grasp on the common used.


I read this article, and I assumed that they will still offer KDE
as a optional install in Fedora2.
Every time Redhat makes a move, it's counter to the majority of
the linux community. I am for them making money and staying
in business, but WOW the way they go about it.

Jim Tate

What happened last night can happen again.

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