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Re: Working Firewire in FC2?

Mark Fonnemann wrote:


On May 14, 2004, "Bruce P. Morin" <bpmorin safepointetech com> wrote:

Does anyone know if Firewire will be functional in FC2? This is an important
hardware tool for us, and it wasn't working in FC1.

Alexandre Oliva wrote:


i assume that ieee1394 will be re-enabled in a development kernel in the very near future?

mark. :-)

Probably yes. When this problem was posted for the first time (dont remmember if it was in fedora-test-list or fedora-devel-list) , the developers said that if needed , they'd ship FC2 with firewire disabled , but wanted to enable it again ASAP.. In this case , I believe that as soon as it has been tested a lot , it'll be pushed to the updates directory...

Pedro Macedo

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