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Re: Working Firewire in FC2?

From: "Dave Jones" <davej redhat com>

> On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 15:58, Bruce P. Morin wrote:
> > Hopefully Microsoft doesn't follow this list,
> > comments like that regarding the kernel, or better yet, "Sadly the code
> > isn't as great." By David Jones, is fodder for the Microsoft propaganda
> > machine.
> I don't think it's any surprise to anyone that not all code is perfect,
> be that code in opensource projects or closed source projects.
> The big difference is code being part of an open project is subject to
> scrutiny (and potentially, improvement) by anyone.
> If Microsoft has some code in their products that they aren't
> particularly proud of, no-one will ever know, nor be able to do anything
> about it.

I understand from two sources, one "public but not my Microsoft's
choice" and the other private (my partner has XP et subs source access)
that the source code is "nasty looking" in many places. Wasn't that the 
general consensus of those who saw the source code that a cracker had
managed liberate from Microsoft?

{^_^}    Joanne, jdow earthlink net

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