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RE: Working Firewire in FC2?

Le sam 15/05/2004 Ã 16:58, Bruce P. Morin a Ãcrit :
> Listen,
> I completely understand that the project is backed by RedHat and is
> community driven. Debian is also community driven and they have three paths,
> stable, testing and sid. With each of them, I have gotten most if not all
> common hardware to work without much effort, depending on the path.
> What I am saying here is that Firewire is not uncommon minority hardware,
> and for a stable release of anything not to support it is poor. How long has
> it been available?? 

You should forward this mail to the lkml.

> As for working for 0 dollars well, I guess if you want something that works
> out of the box, then Microsoft is the way to go. The old saying goes "You
> get what you pay for." Hopefully Microsoft doesn't follow this list,
> comments like that regarding the kernel, or better yet, "Sadly the code
> isn't as great." By David Jones, is fodder for the Microsoft propaganda
> machine.
> Another Love it or leave it attitude:

Fedora have objectives and finite ressources.
You are not agree with Fedora's objectives. So pick another distribution
or fork Fedora.

Anyway, I hope Linux hackers will fix this issue and then you'll be

> "If Fedora doesn't fit your needs, then use another distribution"
> Critical comments, product comparisons, etc, help build better software.
> Unfortunately after looking at the amount of flames I received as well as
> the many others who bring forth Fedora's shortcomings only to receive such
> remarks really demonstrate why most users will NEVER have Linux on their
> desktop. 

Fedora (and RedHat) is not GNU/Linux.
RedHat/Fedora is only a small part of the GNU/Linux community.

PS : sorry for my poor english.

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