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Re: Realplayer9 ?? fedora2test3

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 08:41, jim tate wrote:
> Did you install this rp9 and did it run FedTest3?
> Jim Tate

Whenever I try to start rp9 in FC2T3 (or any system with 2.6 kernel with
ALSA + OSS Compat) I get an error about it not being able to open the
audio device.  rp8 still works but it can't fullscreen so its totally
useless to me.

I've tried helixplayer but it simply crashes rightg when its openning
any file, not very helpful... I've tried the latest milestone and
nightly builds from this week with no luck what-so-ever.  And for the
record I have no fucking clue what a ll these fucking dist and nodist
and shit packages are on their site...an rpm is cool, but not when you
have to install a bunch of tarballs and install them to make it work...

Real can suck my balls until they put out a 'Good' linux client **WITH**
codecs opensource, cause their Linux codecs suck.  Real blames the
kernel for choppiness, but the real problem is a lack of dedication to
programming Linux codecs.  Do yourselves a favor, when you can, convert
local content to another, more well-supported codec.


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