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Re: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 19:18, James W. Bennett wrote:
> KDE was there but Redhat would not except the QT license as it stood.
> Thereby got involved in the Gnome desktop because of the QT license. QT
> later change to the CPL free license and and the rest is history. From
> my personal point of view I think that KDE is far more configurable than
> Gnome. Is far easier too download compile and install and is my choice
> of desktop. But as I said is my choice, not everyones.   

I used KDE from the beginning and switched to Gnome in '02 and never
looked back.  I found KDE to big... and compiling KDE is a BITCH exactly
because of QT... QT stuff takes forever to build!  Maybe people on super
fast hardware don't care, but on my p3 compiling KDE might as well take
a week.

Honestly once I moved to Gnome I found the simplicity exactly what I
want in a Desktop.  I like to leave the complexity to the console.


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