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*Heads up* for FC1 Alsa users from fedora.us

Hi *,

users that have installed the package alsa-driver (needed for the alsa
kernel-modules) from the fedora.us repository should update to the
latest Version 1.0.4-0.fdr.2.1 before they upgrade to FC2. This version
is out since one week, so if you use yum, up2date or apt to keep your
system always up2date you should already have it installed. All other,
please get it at your local mirror or directly at 


This version avoids a conflict during an FC1 -> FC2 update between
alsa-driver and the new MAKEDEV package.

Also note that it may be a good idea to remove all alsa-packages from
fedora.us before upgrading to FC2 as it contains alsa itself, but in an
older Version (fedora.us currently at 1.04, FC2 ships 1.03). This is no
must as the newer version should not do any harm.  *Should*. 

If you miss(ed) it and run into any alsa related errors after FC2 update
please remove alsa-driver, kernel-module-alsa*, alsa-lib, alsa-utils
(for the last two you properly need --nodeps parameter for rpm) and
install the FC2 packages from you FC2 install media afterwards to
resolve depencies.

BTW, Sorry for crossposting, I think this time it's worth it. Further
discussion should go to fedora-list, please.

BTW2: Is there any interest in alsa-tools and alsa-firmware packages for
FC2? FC2 will not ship them AFAIK, but I could try to package them for
fedora.us if there are interested users.



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