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Re: Realplayer10 !! (was:Realplayer9 ?? fedora2test3)

Once upon a time D James wrote:
> Chris Kloiber wrote:
> >>Actually, there is are RealPlayer for linux with mozilla plugin  at
> >>www.helixcommunity.org  It you don't mind using the nightly build you
> >>can download it now or else you'll have to wait until 5/18 for the alpha
> >>release.  The more users and feedback the better the product.
> >
> >Have they fixed their packaging yet? Admittedly a long time ago since I
> >last looked, but they put binaries in /home/$USER IIRC. Blech.
> It's available as a rpm package and it installs and plays fine on FC2.
> There is a some work to be done, after all this is an alpha product, but
> you get all the latest Real codecs supported.  It installs the binaries
> in /usr/local/.

But where is the difference between

a) The HelixPlayer Milestone under the BEULA
b) The HelixPlayer Alpha under the RPSL
c) The RealPlayer 10 under the BEULA

Why is the Helix Player Milestone under the same License as the RealPlayer, 
but the Alpha version not?

And are there any licences which allow the distribution of the player together 
with fedora or other linux distributions?


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