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Re: final release - p2p or mirrors

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 12:46, Stan Bubrouski wrote:


>  (Ie: Downloading things from suprnova.org
> > is potentially hazardous, especially to Windows systems.)
> > 
> Not a problem for us though ;-)

  Don't be so sure.  I'm sure many torrentzens know about the fake
'Microsoft Office 2004' release for Mac OS X that is actually a trojan. 
But I have to wonder about the 'Azureus Upgrade To' on
suprnova.org right this moment.  There's no mention of version
at all on http://azureus.sourceforge.net/, so this file is HIGHLY
suspect.  And if you don't know, Azureus is an written in Java, which
means it will run on Linux with an appropriate jvm.  I feel a *little*
safer running an unknown java app on Linux than *anything* under
windows, but unknown anything is BAD.
  The point is, I'm not too cocky about Linux's purported *immunity* to
viruses, trojans, and worms.  It's safer, yes, and I don't buy the
argument that's it's less prone to these ailments because it's less
popular, but the moral is, I suppose, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

/me makes note to double and triple check the md5sum of the FC2 DVD iso
I'm grabbing from suprnova.org right now before installing it on

PS: <parody>What!?  You mean there's no rom image for FC2 for my
Zaurus?  Geez, you incompetent blokes over there working in that evil
Microsoft-wannabe-of-Linux company Red Hat.  Can't you get anything
right?  Man, all those WinCE devices get it right.  Everything just
WORKS.  Why did you release FC2 without Zaurus support?  You know,
that's important to ME, so it should be important to YOU.  What? Zaurus
support would break most of your other platform support?  Well, I don't
care about the rest of your customers, my clients want Zaurus support. 
What?  Zaurus support is broken?  Well, fix it with 500 patches if you
must.  What?  That's a huge support burden?  Well, XYZ, Inc. gets it
right...it works for me...</parody>
-Paul Iadonisi
 Senior System Administrator
 Red Hat Certified Engineer / Local Linux Lobbyist
 Ever see a penguin fly?  --  Try Linux.
 GPL all the way: Sell services, don't lease secrets

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