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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

Confushion wrote:

Paul Iadonisi wrote:

And the sky is falling, too. These threads are getting old.

I would say the sky is falling for the user when their previously
working Windows XP partition as completely unbootable.  I have not seen
any fix short of wiping the partition table and losing the existing
Windows XP partition.  Yes, the sky is falling for that user.  It's not
just one or two people here, and it will be a significant number when
the release goes live, if it has not been fixed.

If Microsoft released an upgrade for Windows that broke Linux
installations in the same way, I think we know what the reaction would
be.  Why shouldn't we strive to at least be better than Microsoft?

I seriously doubt dual boot systems are a priority for Red Hat, nor
should they be.  A dual boot system, in principle, is a transition
configuration that need not be well supported in every release.  And
even as a transition, it's not a requirement for the majority of
installations.  Keep a separate Windows box (or boxen) around handle
the Windows-only requirements.

I guess we disagree there. I see your viewpoint as being very elitist
and short-sighted. There are lots of reasons why a person would want to
be able to boot both Windows XP and FC2 on a single box.

My main concern is this problem did not exist in FC1.  Let's go over
that again, since I've seen some people post that this is a Windows XP

Something has changed in this release which has caused the problem. Many users have already been affected. The impact of this problem is a
user ending up in a situation where they will not be able to get back
into the Windows XP partition without some serious headaches. I have
not yet seen any solution presented for the problem, but I'd appreciate
a link if you know of one. I certainly looked around when I was hit
with this about a week ago.


I agree, I use Linux exclusively on a dual boot machine at work for *only* those times where I have to use windows for my office routine. At home it's strictly Linux.

I too suffered the *wonderful* *new* FC2 release. I also feel that on the point of releasing to the wilds, a very significant bug like this should not have been missed and just gives all the windows users more ammunition to turn off Linux altogether. Absolutely and totally unprofessional, in my opinion. I emphatically hope that the boxed versions don't allow for this or there's going to be a huge outcry.

Phil Savoie

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