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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

On Sun, 16 May 2004 18:29:51 -0400
Phil Savoie <psavoie1783 rogers com> wrote:

> I agree,  I use Linux exclusively on a dual boot machine at work for 
> *only* those times where I have to use windows for my office routine. 
> At home it's strictly Linux.

Try installing Microsoft OS after installing Linux see how much effort
they put into making sure Linux works afterward. :o)

> I too suffered the *wonderful* *new* FC2 release.  I also feel that on 
> the point of releasing to the wilds, a very significant bug like this 
> should not have been missed and just gives all the windows users more 
> ammunition to turn off Linux altogether.  Absolutely and totally 
> unprofessional, in my opinion.  I emphatically hope that the boxed 
> versions don't allow for this or there's going to be a huge outcry.

Why should anyone care if someone decides to not use Linux?  We can
giggle and keep using it ourselves!  Personally, i don't care a whit about
anyone who wants to return to Windows.   Linux doesn't have to be 
for everyone.   Fedora is for hobbists, not for aunt tilly.  I'd suggest
you do some digging and figure out how to make it work.   Does an older
version of Grub resolve the issue?   Try HELPING instead of whining.


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