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Re: reboot is shutting down hard drives

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From: "J. Scott Amort"
> I noticed a strange thing after doing all the updates to my FC2T3 system
> (as of May 12), and running kernel 2.6.5-1.358.  When I do a system
> reboot, it actually powers down the hard drives (the message comes up as
> Shutting down hda, Shutting down hdb, etc.)  Then you can hear the
> drives spinning down as if the machine was powering off, but it reboots
> as expected.  It then takes 10-20 seconds or so for the drives to power
> up again before the boot process continues.  It is kind of annoying, and
> seems unnecessary.  Does anyone else experience this behaviour?

Under a 2.4 FC 1 kernel with RAID-1, some systems would not properly flush
the drives on reboot/halt.  So when the system comes back up you'll see a
all the raid-1 members having to be rebuilt for the second disk.

The work-around is to put a -h in the halt script: HALTARGS="-i -d -h".
Maybe the 2.6 guys are trying to fix this for real.

-Eric Wood

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