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Re: final release - p2p or mirrors

Jim Cornette wrote:

Would this be like a partition with no prior data installed? A partition previously formatted and mounted to a specified point. Say, for example /mnt/bittorrent?

Having a low fragmentation level would be desirable goal for a to be created CD set.

I'm not sure.. The latest version of bittorrent (according to the homepage) , allocates space when it is needed , instead of allocating all the space when starting the download. This can now lead to high fragmentation (as any file changing size can be fragmented)...

Thanks for pointing out the safegaurds setup for a transfer of this type. Would the unmatching chunks be discarded or would the bittorrent process be interrupted? Either way, the bittorrent does not sound as risky as it once did. I still prefer ftp transfers from familiar mirrors. This is mainly because with bittorrent, you have to learn how to open ports for the torrent, people are pulling bits from my machine, I am pulling bits from machines that are unfamiliar to me.

The bad chunks are simply discarded and the download continues. These chunks are then downloaded from other sources and this is repeated untill you get the full file , with the correct checksum... It's the same idea behind the protocol used in xmule/amule/emule/edonkey. Download each part , check it and download from someone else if it is not valid.

Pedro Macedo

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