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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

On Sun, 16 May 2004 22:32:13 -0500
Gerry Tool <gstool earthlink net> wrote:

> Why do you have to get offensive and personal?  I've been happily 

Frankly, I find statements about how bad this is going to look and laying
the blame at the feet of Fedora rather offensive.   Go complain to 
Microsoft who charged you money for the privilege of not supporting
dual boot with Linux.

> involved in every "Red Hat" test release since the public beta for RHL8. 
>   I am NOT WHINING.  I've reported a number of bugs for the three FC2 
> test releases to bugzilla and have put up with whatever problems testing 
> has caused.  I am simply concerned with the people who have not been 
> testers who now will be bitten by this problem when they do a fresh 
> install of FC2 on a dual boot system having windows XP, and the reviews 
> that will point this out.
> Looking back on this thread, you have been a constant complainer about 
> everyone who has the opinion that this is an issue that needs serious 
> attention.
> Why are you so vitriolic about this issue?

The thing that is most offensive is when people say... "ohhh this looks so bad" 
like that's supposed to inspire fear in the developers who will then rush in with
a fix.   Trying to make people feel bad about how FC2 "will look" in the eyes of
somebody is pathetic.   Fedora doesn't owe you or them anything.

People who report bugs DON'T get flamed.   People who make statements 
about how horrible the world is because of the FREE software they're running, DO.

Instead of saying things about how bad this is going to _look_ you could have spent 
some time installing other versions of Grub to figure out when the problem
was introduced.   Then you could have HELPED the developer solve the problem


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