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Re: OT: best bittorrent client for FC2/Gnome

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 08:01, Mark Fonnemann wrote:
> Hello-
> in anticipation of tuesday's release of FC2, can someone please recommend an
> excellent bittorrent client for use with FC2/Gnome. i'm currently using Azureus
> under FC2t3 but i don't particularly like the fact that it does not integrate
> well with Gnome visually (i believe it uses a KDE interface) or the fact that
> Java is currently using 288MB memory on my system. can someone please recommend
> a better client? thanks for your input, much appreciated...
> mark. :-)

Then you don't have the latest/correct version. Theres an Azureus out
there that uses gtk2 and looks sweet.


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