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Re: New Torrent Files

Actually for best use of torrent join an existing one rather than setting
up your own. Big torrents surely work much better than several little

It depends. Transmission delays on trans-oceanic torrents reduce throughput and change the operating envelope of the protocol, so one torrent per low-delay, low-contention subnet (such as a continent) often helps. Undersea fiber is still expensive, and use by a torrent can skew pricing decisions for next year, not always in the direction favored by users of torrents.

A torrent with more than several hundred nodes is also slower.  The tracker
can get overloaded, and/or random noise on just a few paths can get amplified
into torrent-wide instabilities and/or inefficiencies.  I observed this
on the duke.edu torrent for FC2T3.  Probably you can see it tomorrow, too.
Even on a fast CPU with plenty of RAM and disk bandwidth, the number of
connections is restricted to something like 100, and on a timescale of
a minute or two, you will only talk to a couple dozen other nodes.
So in practice with moderately reliable links, then there is a bounded
optimum size for a torrent; and today it is likely to be a few hundred
nodes containing a couple dozen seeds.

John Reiser, jreiser BitWagon com

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