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Re: please stop...

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 00:42, Chuck Mead wrote:
> Nobody's talking about the technical stuff any 
> more... they're all pontificating and they have been since yesterday. 

You are right. Ever since someone, who by the way has been very active
on this list trying to identify and track down solvable problems, dared
to voice the opinion that this was a critical issue, there has been a
lot of pontificating.

There is nothing wrong with someone expressing saying that it is not a
good idea to release software that says it will do something but ends up
trashing an existing setup. In case you didn't notice, Redhat took this
problem seriously and publicly asked people to describe environments
that failed. Even our frequent warnings from Jef "the transient middle
name" Spaleta, never suggested that release software eats babies.

The signal to noise ratio on this list would be a lot higher if people
were not flamed for trying to influence the decision process of Redhat.

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