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Re: please stop...

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
Chuck Mead wrote:

Nope. They absolutely can run it and if they're going to then they ought to just run it and be done. What made Fedora essential? Nothing... if windows is essential then run it and to hell with Fedora... just stop talking about it in here. Nobody's talking about the technical stuff any more... they're all pontificating and they have been since yesterday. Crap on a crutch anyway!

'sides... it's my suspicion that the "essential software" they're all geeked up about is some kind of game.

First: they cant run. I've had problems with this bug and windows stops loading for good.... only doing some weird things (including swapping disks around) I was able to install windows and test3..
Second: what if the "essential software" is really a game? Most of the good games dont run in linux , so we have to have either two computers or dual-boot systems... And I have to admit that I'm addicted to games , so I'll remove windows only when all games start running in linux.. Also , there are lots of applications which only run in windows and have no similar apps in linux..

So Fedora is not "essential" and windows is. Great... run windows and quit trying to reinvent the wheel or complain about the fact that someone won't fix a bug that clearly they'll get arouns to some day. What in the sam hill does dual booting have to do with a hobbiest's release which is really just a test platform? Nothing!

Now , I have to agree that this is not the right place to discuss if microsoft or redhat is wrong... Something is broke and we need to find out what is causing this, no matter whose fault is it...

Right... and since it's been "bugzilla'd" already it seems to me like maybe this dawg is put to bed!

csm moongroup com, head geek

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