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Re: Gigabit ethernet cards

Hi Alan,

El lun, 17-05-2004 a las 17:18, Alan Cox escribió:
> On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 02:19:41PM -0500, William Lovaton wrote:
> > I am afraid that it is a bad assumption to think that 1Gb will improve
> > transfer speeds just like that.  Maybe there is some deeper
> > configuration / tuning left to be done after installing the new card.
> Make sure you get a card that is 66Mhz and/or 64bit if your PCI busses
> can take it, and if not definitely that its on its own bus. PCI 32/33Mhz
> is too slow to make best use of gigabit.

I'll check this.

> On desktop boxes the PCI bus typically ends up a bottleneck. Good servers
> tend to work out better - keep the disk and gige on different pci busses
> etc

Well, this server uses SCSI, so I guess there is no problem. Right?

I was wondering about CPU consumption.  Do you think that 4x 550MHz CPUs
are too slow for a GIGE??


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