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Re: please stop...

Chuck Mead wrote:

So Fedora is not "essential" and windows is. Great... run windows and quit trying to reinvent the wheel or complain about the fact that someone won't fix a bug that clearly they'll get arouns to some day. What in the sam hill does dual booting have to do with a hobbiest's release which is really just a test platform? Nothing!

I didnt say that windows is essential. For me , it is just the OS I use to play. When I need to do real work , I use linux. Now , for many people out there , linux and windows are both essential to work.. Now , please , go out for a few days , relax and then come back to this mailing list. If you cant understand what people write , please dont answer. Your answer , quoted partially above show that you didnt undestand my point (which is a bit subtle , but I believe that it's not so dificult to see it...) that people have dual-boot systems for a reason , no matter which.
If you look on the other thread , my second message there is exactly trying to bring the subject back to the original problem and how to fix it or gather data to find out what is wrong. I dont know about you , but I'm here to test things before any end-user gets this software and it destroys their systems and not to whine about something that wont work... I was thinking about mailing the person assigned to the bug , but I really need good data before I do this or before I add another comment on the bug report..

Now , I have to agree that this is not the right place to discuss if microsoft or redhat is wrong... Something is broke and we need to find out what is causing this, no matter whose fault is it...

Right... and since it's been "bugzilla'd" already it seems to me like maybe this dawg is put to bed!

Not necessarily. What may be put to bed is this useless discussion. We need to go back to work and discuss what really matters, which is the bug , the situations where it appears , etc. This is why this list exists.. To discuss bugs in the test release (at least, it's test release untill tomorrow..)

Pedro Macedo

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