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Re: How to help? was Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

Phil Durand wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 13:59 -0400, Anthony DeStefano wrote:

Some people reported it only happens with large disks (> 120GB), but
that's not the case here.

It must be for large disks, I have a 80GB drive, and I had no dual boot problems with Windows XP and Fedora Core 2. As a matter of fact, I have several systems setup currently to do this.

Not only large disks.. It happened to me in a 40Gb disk too...

I'm thinking from the sounds of it, that most people have serious
misunderstandings of partitions, and how they are manipulated during
installations of operating systems etc. Not that I'm saying that FC2
doesn't cause problems, but that a workaround is probably much easier
than it seems.

Not exactly.. I"ve been working with linux for a quite a long time now and never had this kind of problems.. And I really did some really weird stuff with my disks and their partitions..

Drive 1. 80GB IDE Hard Drive (Holds GRUB Boot Loader)

Partition 1. MS-DOS 6.2 - FAT16, Boot Partition (Holds XP's Boot Loader)
Partition 2. Extended Partition
Partition 3. WindowsXP Pro - NTFS, Partition inside extended.
Partition 4. Fedora Core 2 - EXT3, Partition inside extended.

Let me see if I undestood: Grub is installed in the MBR of hda and it calls ntldr . Does it also load fedora or fedora is loaded by the ntldr?

In my case , I used to have the following situation (had to change it because of this bug):
/hda1 --> /boot
/hda2 --> windows (fat32)
/hda3 --> /
/hda4 --> extended
/hda5 --> swap
/hda6 --> vfat partition to share data between windows and linux
/hda7 --> fc1/ (root partition for fc1)
Grub was installed in the MBR and it loaded fedora and windows (using chainloader +1 for windows). All the linux partitions were ext3.

One thing that we need to check is that everybody that was bitten by this bug was using grub to chainload windows. This looks like it's the situation where the problem appears..

Pedro  Macedo

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