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Re: sharing /boot beween FC1 and FC2

Am Di, den 18.05.2004 schrieb Chris Jones um 10:33:
> I want to upgrade my system to FC2, but since it took a long time to get 
> things going correctly in FC1 I want to dual boot both for a while 
> instead of upgrading only to discover things don't work, sharing /home 
> and a few data partitions. I already have a /boot partition for FC1 

I did so during the test phase.

Installing FC2 you can point /boot to your existing boot partitions. You
can share /home and others, but you must have separate / partition
including all the subdirs beside  /home,  /opt /usr/local and some
special subdirs of /var.

There may be some incompatiblilities in the gnome configuration files
(due to the newer gnome version). You should use a different user name
(so a new home dir is used, but with the same UID so you can access the
files in your current home) or some sort of multi distri installation.

Before installing you *should* safe your existing /boot/grub/grub.conf,
because the installation program will not add the new entries to the
existing file, but replace it (but usually it makes a backup as
grub.conf.rpmold or something alike). You have to transfer the entries
for FC1 manually to the new grub.conf

You should check for symbolic links vmlinuz, initrd and so on in /boot
and delete them it they exist and correct the current grub.conf file
accordingly (but if I remember correctly the newer grub.conf entries do
no longer use symbolic links)


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