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screen contamination in fc2t3 after blamker has activated


Is it normal for the screen to become a large grey pattern after the 
blanker has kicked in (to a black screen) and either the keyboard is 
touched, or the mouse moved?

If I have a terminal open, when the screen unblanks, I have just the 
cli line of the terminal showing in a sea of grey. In order to get a 
screen redraw, I have to ctl-d the terminal, at which point the whole 
screen is redrawn and restored.

The card is a riva128 equipt card, but only 4 megs of video dram on 
it.  Is there some option I need to check/set in whatever the 
XF86Config file is now called?

Its an El-cheapo I inherited :(

Cheers, Gene
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