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Re: Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

On Tue, 18 May 2004 18:47:13 +0100, David Holden <dh iucr org> wrote> 
>    Kind of counter productive though, if people are worried about reporting
> problems because your going to jump on them for whining the problems won't
> get reported. If problems don't get reported they don't get fixed...

Let's be clear... discussion in the mailinglists don't count as "reported"
What counts is bugzilla. Not to say that some types of discussion in
the list isn't valuable, becuase it can be. This thread unfortunately
hasn't been so valuable over all thanks to a few people who are more
concerned about tone and expectations than about the technical
specifics and information needed to actually solve the bug as

If this bug were a smoking gun, reproducible problem that developers
saw on their available hardware before the release during the testing,
we would have atleast a warning in the release notes about the fact
that this is a known issue. Read the release notes, there are notes
about known hardware issues, no one is trying to hide anything.  Let's
not assume developers aren't making a best effort to track down and
reproduce hardware problems that are being reported.

But the people reporting this problem need to be aware that if
developers can not reproduce the problems on their hardware and it
appears that the problem can not be traced to specific hardware
situations at all among the people who are reporting in it makes it
very difficult to even say the problems is a known bug without a known
fix. If every reported spotty hardware problem that developers could
not reproduce were to be highlighted, that would be one hell of a long
set of release notes.

I'm still interested in seeing if this problem exists outside the
installer environment with parted or grub using the 2.6.x kernel
compared to booting into a 2.4.x kernel using the same version of
parted and grub.

-jef"maybe linux should adopt the happy fun ball list of warnings"spaleta

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