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Re: Fix for the XP dual boot problem

OK, the process which was posted to the mailing list may work to fix things 
when they get screwed up.  However, I have used a different approach which 
works for me ... don't let things get screwed up.

When I install Fedora (and this has also happened with RHL at some times) and 
the installer gripes that the partition table has errors, it is usually the 
case that the disk was partitioned with LBA (and fdisk).  The system I have 
does not use XP but does have Win2k installed.  When the problem occurs, I 
boot the Fedora installer and specify the LBA values ... for example, I used:

   linux  hda=7476,255,63

when I installed FC2.  This system has Maxtor 60GB disks and these are the LBA 
values.  When I do this, FC2 install uses the LBA values I specified.  After 
installation, I can boot Win2k or any of the FC1 or FC2 systems I have 

Your milage may vary but this works for me.

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