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Re: Fix for the XP dual boot problem

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Wed, 19 May 2004 08:54:48 -0400, Gene C. <czar czarc net> wrote:

OK, the process which was posted to the mailing list may work to fix things
when they get screwed up.  However, I have used a different approach which
works for me ... don't let things get screwed up.

When I install Fedora (and this has also happened with RHL at some times) and
the installer gripes that the partition table has errors, it is usually the
case that the disk was partitioned with LBA (and fdisk).

One thing I haven't gotten a good sense of... is everyone having
problems with XP currently...getting an installer warning about
partition errors before things go horribly wrong?  If people are
ignoring warning messages, that is important information.

-jef"warnings what are they good for? absolutely nothin'...err i
mean...ignore warnings at your own peril"spaleta

I had the problem, and I had the warnings, but those same warnings have been present in every install since RHL8 betas and on every FC test release. The warning even says it can probably be ignored.

Gerry Tool

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