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Re: First impressions FC2 final

Ricky Ng-Adam wrote:
How about mounting a Windows share?  I went to the desktop, selected My
Computer, Network, Windows Share... Nothing.  Not surprising, I haven't
found any distros that made it easy.  So another trip to console, switch
to root and edit /etc/fstab to add the following

This works for me, but I think the nautilus or kfmclient browsing of windows shares has nothing to do with the kernel network filesystem support. Somebody else should clarify this for me though.

// /mnt/smb smbfs username=rngadam,password=******,uid=rngadam,gid=rngadam 0 0

I mounted it, cd'ed to the directory and did a ls that did not immediately return as expected... So I continued writing this, but after a while, I noticed that my desktop icons had disappeared and my console locked up. After trying a few things including switching to console as root and killing the smbmount process, I gave up and rebooted. After reboot, everything worked again, including the Windows share mount!

Try the newer test kernels from here. They have some confirmed smbfs and cifs network filesystem fixes. The upstream kernels are getting better in this regard, but your reports and followups are needed to make the community process work.

One cifs bug from yesterday. Unrelated to your problems but just an example of the process working.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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