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FC2 automounter differences (hesitant to call them bugs.)

Scenario is a solaris yp master that serves up yp maps.

I have direct mounts specified in the auto_master file on solaris as
specified by the first line below. Direct mounts are a sun specific
add-on, and while I am moving away from them, FC1 did not cause me any
trouble. FC2 is trying to do something with them. I think all of my
direct mounts are under /usr and what is now happening is that FC2
automounter is taking over /usr as a mount point and there is basically
an empty /usr because of this. This causes a bit of havoc. Removing the
first line fixes the problem.

#Mount-point    Map                     Mount-options
/-              auto_direct             -rw,intr
/home           auto_home               -rw,intr,nobrowse
/data           auto_data               -rw,intr,nobrowse
/apps           auto_apps               -rw,intr
/net            -hosts

Example line from auto_direct.

/usr/corel                      server:/export/site/apps/corel

The nobrowse option causes all the mounts under /data and /apps (as
shown above) to fail. Removing the nobrowse option allows them to work.

Is this the way automount is supposed to work or is it a bug(s) I need
to file?

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