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FC2 problems on install from CD-ROM


I've found a big problem installing FC2 on my pc... I've donwloaded the iso images and burned with cdrecord as usual, but it doesn't install. It cannot identify the cd image in the cd-rom so cannot mount /dev/cdrom ...

Here is the detailed steps i've done:

(the iso images are burned with cdrecord)

- boot from fc2 disc 1 is regular
- i've press Enter to install in graphical mode
- choose a language: english
- what type of keyboard do you have: us
- Installation method: Local CDROM
- here is the problem: CD NOT FOUND: the fedora core cd was not found in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert (?!?!) the fedora core CD and press OK to retry.

...but the fedora core CD is inserted in the cdrom drive... bah

now the Alt+F3 command's shell:

trying to mount CD device hdd
nntloop loop0 on /mnt/runtime as /mnt/source/Fedora/base/stage2.img fd is 13
failed to mount loop: Invalid argument

...and now the Alt+F4 shell:

<7> ISO 9660 Extensions: Microsoft Joliet level 3
<4> unable to load NLS charset utf8
<4> unable to load NLS charset utf8
<7> ISO 9660 Extensions: RRIP_1991A
<4> Unable to idetify CD-ROM format.
<4> VFS: Can't find ext2 filesystem on dev loop0
<3> cramfs: wrong magic

My hw is:

m/b Asus a7n266 with 256 mb ram
Duron 1300 Mhz
cdrom Creative cd 2422E and dvd rom LG DRD 8120 B

I've also try to use the command "linux allowcddma" at boot but the song remain the same...

p.s. the same machine isntalls and boots regulary with fc1 fc2test1 test2 and test3...


AMC Team - From the piana
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