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Re: F2CT3 configuration problem with Toshiba 490XCDT

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 10:22, Domenico Celi wrote:
> Hello,
> My son and I have just finished installing the Fedora F2CT3 core on a 
> Toshiba 490XCDT laptop.  Two problems were encountered :

Fedora Core 2 Final has been reelased - why install test releases? 

> - The internal ESS (ES1868) sound card wasn't recognized, and;
> - The internal K56flex modem wasn't recognized.
Can't help here - sorry. 

> Furthermore, we succeeded once to change the screen resolution from 
> 640x480 to 1024x768 but it reverts back to 640x480 everytime we reboot 
> or change user.  Sometimes the whole screen freezes over and we can't do 
> anything

This is a known (and many times reported) bug in test 3; search archives
of this list or bugzilla (system-display-properties).  Fixed in FC2
-final (at least, I had similar problem with test 3 and it works fine
with FC2 final). 


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