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Re: Fedora2 confused about SATA drives.

> On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 12:37:50AM -0600, reg dwf com wrote:
> > I still have no explanation as to why Fedora (and memtest86,
> > and everything else I have tried) only sees 2.792GB of memory
> > when loaded on this Intel D875PBZ motherboard and a 3.2GHz
> > Processor and 4x 1GB of memory.
> Presumably because that is what the BIOS reports to everyone.

Yes thats true.
I would like to pull the memory later this PM and replace it one
stick at a time and see what is reported.  From my machine at the
office, I know that with 2x500 on the board, you see 1032440 kB
which is only 41Meg from 1 073 741 824 . {of course I could ask
whats it doing with 41Meg...).
> > Fedora is confused by SATA drives.
> > On the GRUB line (and grub.conf) you have to identify them as /dev/hda1
> > But in the /etc/fstab, and on mount commands as /dev/sda1...
> Which grub line is this ?
Let me rephrase that.

In LINUX, the two SATA disks are referred to as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb .
On the root statement for GRUB the first is referred to as /dev/hd0

I will assume that the root= on the kernel line would want /dev/sda, 
but I have yet to change it from the root=LABEL=/1 syntax.

Just 'kinda ugly.
It would be nice if both did or didnot do the SCSI emulation in the
disk names...
                                        reg dwf com

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