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Re: atp870u.o module?

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
One of the servers I have has a SCSI card that's supported by atp870u.o in kernel 2.4.

I see that the kernel 2.6 source RPM does have the source code for the driver, but it appears that it does not get built in the binary kernel RPMs. Looks like that this card is no longer supported.

Flame deleted.

I am glad you had the sense to delete your flame, but it is useless to complain here. You need to talk to upstream about this. Unfortunately even complaining upstream probably wont be effective either unless you have something to contribute.

There are many other SCSI devices unsupported or broken in the upstream 2.6 kernel. In some cases Fedora volunteers and RH people have spent some time in fixing them (like Markus Lidel fixing I2O before FC2, or Alan Cox currently working on aacraid for upstream.) Other people with hardware, and the fire within their heart to make it work, is the only way this will work for any 2.6 kernel distribution.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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