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Re: FC2 x86_64 SMP broken.

Warren Togami writes:

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Add me to the list of those whose FC2 kernel crashes and burns during boot time. Bug 123860. At least I can limp along on the UP kernel.

Well, perhaps not. In FC1, I can crash the 2.4 kernel, SMP or UP, anytime I want.

Let's see if I can pronounce FC2 to be completely and totally useless.

This is an unfair flame to make and simply goes to far in simply dismissing an entire operating system. This kind of comment is totally unhelpful for these reasons:

1) You provide ZERO information about your hardware.

I submitted a complete traceback to bugzilla. Perhaps you missed that. The kernel crashed somewhere in its memory handler (cache_grow/kmem_cache_all/cache_alloc_refill) which later down the line was invoked by the ext3 driver. Does not look like hardware-specific to me.

2) You are not searching for a solution, you only declare Fedora to be crap.

Actually I've been searching for a solution for about three months now.

3) SMP x86_64 works for MANY other people, including me. This is clearly not indicative of a useless operating system.

This kind of post makes developers who put their blood, sweat and tears into trying their best to simply ignore you. Can we instead try to work toward a solution together, and constructively?

As a first step, can you try the newer test kernels from Arjan's repository?

I most certainly did. The 2.6.6 kernel crashed in exactly the same manner.

You know, I try to help when I can. This is similar to an incident that happened in the early 2.4 series, and I was actually was able to find and fix a boner in the apic interrupt handler. Unfortunately, things were much simpler back in those days. Now, these kinds of things are beyond my mere mortal powers to fix.

And if it was only this crash it wouldn't be too bad. But having a bunch of SCSI modules pulled out, with hardly a mention in any README or RELEASE-NOTES is really not NICE.

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