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Re: F2CT3 configuration problem with Toshiba 490XCDT

Domenico Celi wrote:

My son and I have just finished installing the Fedora F2CT3 core on a Toshiba 490XCDT laptop. Two problems were encountered :

I had a 490CDT version that I gave away. It was not capable of any greater resolution than 640 x 480. The display used to bloom when you logged out. I'm not sure what the X in the model number means. It must be for the higher resolution.

Did you try to select a n LCD display selection capable of 1024x768?

As far as sound related issues go. I think that there was a misnaming of the driver for some of the sound cards. You might check the archives for messages related to sound. I think the issue was discussed about two months back on this list.

- The internal ESS (ES1868) sound card wasn't recognized, and; - The internal K56flex modem wasn't recognized.

No help with the modem. I fought with a pcmcia NIC to connect. I don't know if the modem ever worked.

Furthermore, we succeeded once to change the screen resolution from 640x480 to 1024x768 but it reverts back to 640x480 everytime we reboot or change user. Sometimes the whole screen freezes over and we can't do anything

Does it use the S3 virge driver? The blooming was bad on my similar laptop since RHL 7.2. Before that, the display closed down properly.

BTW : This is not a dual boot machine. It would be a dedicated Linux box.

Being new to Linux / Fedora, how can we correct this? We have been browsing around but couldn't find any clues.

If you want to run Linux on a laptop. I suggest a different laptop. I found the 490CDT fun to play with, in tests, but not trouble free.

Stick with Linux. But if you can download RHL 7.2 and try to set it up. It should setup things to a more usable state.

Good luck!


HELlllllllllp Domenico

Good day to deal with people in high places; particularly lonely stewardesses.

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