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Re: Re: dual boot XP / FC2 - Sound problem

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 07:13:14PM +0100, Si Jones wrote:
>> Overall am impressed with FC2, and I think I will stay on it, the
>> I need to resolve is the sound, my onboard nvidia nforce2 sound dont
>> seem to have any sound....?

>It should have selected the i810 audio drivers. What is in lsmod and
what happens if you run a mixer app ?

Actually the nvidia does work, when i made the programs send the audio
to it directly, the one problem is with the soundcard detection
facility, it does not send the audio to the correct device, it will
always send audio to soundcard 1 even when your in config of soundcard
2, i will try and look at this over the weekend to see if there is any
problems in the code... i think it is not checking which tab you have

Also I thought changing the primary soundcard would make kde etc use
soundcard 2 as primary but it dont work, it seems to default to
soundcard 1 which is my SB Live....

If anyone knows of a patch for it let me know please!!!

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