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Re: FC2 and mozilla and i586

On Fri, 21 May 2004, Phil Schaffner wrote:

> This FC2-release question should be asked on fedora-list redhat com
> since this is the fedora-test-list, and you'll get a wider audience
> there anyway.

Sigh, I'd forgotten FC2 had diverged so much from FC2t3, thanks for
the helpful reply. Let me rephrase the question:

If you use FC2 and/or FC2t3 on i586, and you run X and you have
mozilla installed:

	Does mozilla startup for you?

Answers either in the affirmative or otherwise appreciated.

> To make sure replies get to the list and not just to the previous
> sender?  fedora-list does the same, as do many other lists.

Google for "reply-to considered harmful". It's a bad idea, clueful
lists do _not_ set it and it means i dont get replies in my Inbox.
> Phil

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