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Re: FC2 x86_64 SMP broken.

Thomas Zehetbauer writes:

On Fre, 2004-05-21 at 13:12, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
It's a Rhapsody HDAMA motherboard.  Only the SMP kernel crashes.  The UP
kernel boots fine.

I've seen 2.6.[0-4] SMP crashing because of my Digital 21041 NIC.

I've got a pair of Broadcom NICs. Besides, it crashes when it mounts the root ext3 partition.

The only thing plugged into the motherboard is an Adaptec 29320 controller.
Can't really take that out and still be able to boot.

You could boot from a floppy.

If I could squeeze the kernel+a root filesystem on a floppy, I would've.

Marshall Lewis writes:
How much ram?  I'm having a problem at work on a box with 6 gigs, but if
I knock it down to 4 (or use the UP kernel) it boots fine. â still
trying to determine the actual cause of that in my case.

2 Gigs here.

The 2.4 SMP kernel boots up just fine and sees both CPUs and RAM.  And as
long as I don't do âcertain thingsâ it runs fine.

The problem is that I need to do those âcertain thingsâ.

At what point exactly does your SMP kernel crash on boot?  Because my crash
definitely occurs in memory allocation code, which may be related to your

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