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Re: K3b ?

Jim Cornette wrote:

Fred New wrote:

On May 20, 2004, at 15:41, Lars wrote:

it's in the fedora extras repo.


jim tate wrote:

Where do I download K3b for FC2?

Is there some reason you aren't using the k3b on the FC2 CDs?  There is
also some mention of k3b in the release notes.


I installed and tested K3B that is provided on the FC2 installation. I selected it on install.

I burned a DVD on it. (My first) and it worked for creating a DVD image. The program loaded kind of slow, but it is a great program.

I ran the program in gnome, if that makes any difference in the application speed.


I used the one off disk2 and it work fine, I did not know it was there. And what puzzeles me, why is it I installed everything but the server apps. why didn't it install ?

Jim Tate

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