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Re: Scanner problem

Neil B. Cohen wrote:

I recently purchased an HP 2175xi printer/scanner/copier. Hooked it up
to my Fedora 2 test3 system and it worked fine. Got it to print and scan
without any problems.

I just wiped the machine and installed the FC2 release. The printer
works, but Xsane tells me there are no scanners. The machine is attached
to the USB port, and scanimage -L (run as root) tells me that there is
(probably) a scanner on the USB port - but it won't actually scan

Any suggestions on what I need to do to get the scanner working would be
appreciated. The printer still seems to be working...

Much obliged,


It's a permission issue, read the sane-usb man page for the fix. It work fine if you turn the printer on while you are logged in (the hotplug script included with sane takes care of the permissions) but if the printer was on before you booted then permissions are not set correctly.

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