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Help with some problems

Hi everyone!
            First of it, there is another maillist about Fedora Core ?

            I downloaded and installed FC2 on my machine and I like it too much! I am a desktop user and I will continue using Fedora Core. Thanks for everything on this distro.

            I am having some problems(not big ones). Maybe there is some solutions. My playlist on xmms doesnt minimize(I realize that is a problem with kde 3.2.2, is that right ?). 

            I use apollon(giFT client) to download musics. I solve the problem of listening the music while they are being downloaded installing a package called kde-multimedia-mp3. But I still having problems with viewing mpegs videos on apollon. No problem with mplayer video(I can see the movies before they are downloaded), but there is a way to installed a package or something else to solve this thing? I found a solution installing the hole kde from kde to redhat project, but I didnt like some uncompatibily problems. I installed the kde, solve my problem, but I got some bugs and errors that I didnt like, gdm didnt start well, and other anoying problems.

            Sorry if this is offtopic on the list! Thanks the attention!


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