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Re: Burning ISO to CD

Vis-a-vis Leon Stringer's note of 05/21/2004 10:33 AM:
... (I'm
checking the md5sum of /dev/cdrom and this comes up with the wrong number and an error message)

I burned my CDs using cdrecord for the commandline (which shouldn't make any difference) and saw the same sort of behavior you report.
There was very peculiar constency to the behavior though. It was always on binary iso 3 and the rescue disc iso. As I was bugzilla-ing that, I noticed that not only were the md5sums consistently bad on those iso's, but the bad md5sum I was geting was always the sam, independent of CD/iso. Further, when I used the checkdisc thingy embedded in binary disc 1, it gave the coasters a clean bill of health. When I stuck the coasters back into my burner and md5sum'ed the device again, I got correct md5sums! Then I burned another CD, md5sum'ed it (bad), ejected it, re-inserted it, and md5summed again (OK). I conjecture that burning those particular iso's was leaving my Yamaha cd-rw in some inconsistent state.

So, my advice is: don't despair. The CD's may well be OK. Try an independent check, like md5summing in a different drive, or using the diskcheck utility.


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