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Re: Back up to square one with sound config

Andy Green <fedora warmcat com> writes:

> On Monday 24 May 2004 03:54, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> How can I clean this mess up and start one step at a time with some
>> chance of debugging my problem?
> Take it easy, since you have reasonable /var/log/messages stuff maybe you are 
> not far off.   I can see two things I might have expected in your list but 
> didn't see.
> First, cat /proc/asound/cards and see what Alsa thinks you have.

  $  cat /proc/asound/cards 
  0 [I82801BAICH2   ]: ICH - Intel 82801BA-ICH2
                       Intel 82801BA-ICH2 at 0xe800, irq 9

> Next, have a look and see if you have alsamixer in your path, if not install

   $ rpm -qa|grep alsa

  $ which alsamixer

> Then run alsamixer (the gold standard for alsa volume control) and see what 
> you see.  Note that many mixer chips have a bit to control the power to an 
> external audio amplifier, if this is set to power the amp off you will get no 
> output.

Thanks, you've saved me a slow terrible suicide...
I tried alsamixer some time ago and got somekind of error and it
didn't run.  I don't think I've tried it since.  That was all I

Took a little mucking around to figure out what stuff did what.

Only remaining thing I see wrong is that the output isn't near as
clear and staticless as it is when these speakers and sound card are
used on a windows xp machine.  They are just junkyard powered
computer speakers but sound ok when connected to a different
machine.  So must be the signal coming to them is different somehow.

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