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Evolution has gone insane!


Can anyone help me on this?

I've been running the beta versions of Evolution on a number of machines
for quite a while now and on the whole, they seem far more stable (and a
lot nicer to use) than the 1.4 branch.

I've hit a problem with one of the machines at home though.

Evolution downloads email from 3 accounts (work, home and from my ISP),
these are then split between a number of folders. There are also a
number of profiles on it (home, work, C Vu, private and another I can't
remember) where the email is also filtered (for instance, material for C
Vu is downloaded from my home account (ukpost.com) and is filtered to
the C Vu folder, material for wxWidgets and mono are filtered through to
their respective folders as well - you get the idea).

None of that is a problem - it works well. The problem is that there is
now about 60 (and growing) number of autogenerated signatures and I
can't seem to see where they are stored.

One thing I have noticed is that some of the old (and now gone)
signatures are still on the signature lists. These were defined as .txt
files for use with the 1.4 releases. Would not having these be causing
the problem and if that is the case, how do I remove the signatures from
the list?


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