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some items that might be of interest to FC2 developers and users

Hey to all at the list.
I have some questions but will start with
some general comments first.
I have installed FC2 successfully.  Great
work in getting it out.  It looks and works
great.  I have found some issues:

1.    If no hostname has been assigned during
install and the system cannot determine its
hostname via dhcp, the system is assigned a
hostname of localhost.localdomain.  This in
itself is fine.  If one subsequently assigns
a hostname, using any of the methods
available, it breaks a gnome daemon.  When
one logs in gnome error messages are display
some of which have been written about to the
list already.  I haven't noticed a
workaround, though.

2.    Does anyone know why Komodo-2.5.2 won't
work with FC2?  When executed is displays
fine and initial menu operation works but
when trying to actually execute a menu
function, eg. file open, it looks like the
request was executed but nothing happens.

3.    Does anyone know why the SUN JRE plugin
doesn't display some java stuff using
mozilla?  I do Internet Banking and installed
the SUN JRE 1.4.2, even tried the 1.5 beta,
and the java app doesn't display.  By the
way, this also happens with RHEL ES v3.  Is
there a particular JRE I should install or is
there something more sinister?


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