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Re: new kernel for testing

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
* A patch to improve suspend/resume to ram behavior
  (If your laptop failed before, please test with this)

Using an IBM Thinkpad T30 2366-81A. Suspend works, kinda. It leaves my LCD monitor backlight on. There's a little switch on the T30 that turns off backlight when closing the lid, but after a suspend, the backlight won't turn off. Also, when resuming, mouse no longer works in X. CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE doesn't bring the mouse back. init 3, then init 5 also doesn't bring it back. Reboot is the only solution. This is for both the builtin trackpad and pointing stick as well as external USB mouse.

Any particular log data I can provide? I've looked through /var/log/acpid and /var/log/messages and there doesn't seem to be anything particular about it, but then my eyes are not good with logs. Using 2.6.6-1.383. I would like to note it was the same with the stock 2.6.5-1.358.


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