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Re: some issues with nautilus MIME associations and thumbnails

Siddharth Toshniwal wrote:

Hi all,

Have been facing a few issues with nautilus for the last
couple of days. I've upgraded my system (which was originally
RedHat 9) using up2date using the rawhide channel, so I
guess I may have some packages which are not working well
with each other. I don't know exactly which upgrade has
resulted in these problems, so I'm posting for help if
anyone has solved similar issues. The details are as follows:

* Nautilus does not show thumbnails for some of the images
 within one directory while for others (which have the same
 extension) it does so properly. Opening the images with
 either eog or gimp does not report any errors.

* I seem to have some problem with *all* my MIME associations
(including the ones that are configured by default usually)
Even if I associate them manually (.jpg to eog, .doc to
star-office and so on), nautilus does not open the same
when I double click in the file window. I have to open
any documents using the terminal only :( The file association is shown correctly the next time I
double click the file and click on 'Associate', but
somehow the association does not work on its own.

The packages that I have installed are:

I read up the following article but it is not clear to me yet as to what I've done incorrectly:


I have the same problem with Konqueror. No thumbnails previews.


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