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Re: gstreamer-lameplugin

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 09:22, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 14:48, Nicholas Ruddick wrote:
> > Sorry I made a mistake had the wrong gstreamer-plugin-mp3 rpm installed.
> > For fedora 2 you need gstreamer-plugins-mp3-0.8.1-0.lvn.1.2 from
> > rpm.livna.org .
> > 
> > Works beautifully now, nice work!
> A related question: where one can find plugin to enable mp3 *encoding*
> for gstreamer (or sound-juicer, which is gstreamer based)? I have lame
> installed, but this is not enough: google search suggests that I  need
> gstreamer-lame plugin. Anybody know where to find one? 
> Sasha

If you're on Fedora Core 2, it should be the same plugin.  If it isn't,
add rpm.livna.org to your yum.conf and run

# yum install gstreamer-plugins\*

and it should pull over that and any other plugins you might be missing.
Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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